Ala Savashevich


Moments, SEFO Triennial 2024
Olomouc Museum of Art, CZ

Forgotten by
Collega, Copenhagen, DK

No Time to Grieve for Roses when The Forests are Burning
OP ENHEIM , Wrocław, PL

HOS Gallery , Warsaw, PL

And In the Wilderness
Krupa Art Foundation , Wrocław, PL

The Sea of Cheese
Trafo, Szczecin, PL


Pickle Bar presents
West Den Haag , Hague, NL

The See of Cheese
Trafo Art Gallery, Szczecin, PL

Solo Exhibition
Arm and Protect
66P Subjektive Institution of Culture , Wrocław, PL

Second Skin
Kode Art Museum, Bergen, NO

Gold Standard
City Market Halls, Gdynia, PL

Second Skin
Central Museum of Textiles in Łódż, PL

When Desire Becomes Home. Casa Filipka
Her Clique, Mexico, MX


Up rooting
Arka Gallery, Vinius, LT

Solo Exhibition
There is a wall we can’t see

Cella Gallery, Opava, CZ 

Solo Exhibition
When edges jab harder  
Goyki 3 Art Inkubator, Sopot, PL 

Material Fatigue. The National Exhibition of Polish Tapestry

Central Museum of Textiles, Łódz, PL

Zielona Góra Biennale 2022, BWA Zielona Góra, PL

Exit Gallery, Wrocław, PL

hoW ARe you?
IDas Feministische Kapital, Schaffhausen, CH

The Highest Form of Art 
Promocyjna Gallery, Warsaw, PL

The Discomfort of Evening  
Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, PL

Henryk Foundation, Krakow, PL

Secondary Archive  
Manifesta 14 Biennale, Pristina, KOS

When The Sun Is Low - The Shadows Are Long  
GFZK, Leipzig, DE

Far-reaching Consequences 
Ajara Art Museum Gallery, Batumi, GE

No Man’s Land  
CSW Toruń, Toruń, PL

The Highest Form of Art  
Seminarium, Krakow, PL

BWA Katowice,  Katowice, PL

When The Sun Is Low - The Shadows Are Long 
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, PL

Mediating Charm  
ARTzona, Krakow, PL

When Red and White Ain’t So Black and White 
Sentiment, Zurich, CH



Solo Exhibition 
Can one guess what will have to be remembered
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, PL

Common Ground - where is my home?
Korpulfsstadir, Reykjavik, IS

Inscriptions of identity. Affinity. Difference. Gesture 
Exhibitions Bureau, Warsaw, PL

Domie, Poznan, PL

Practicing the Revolution
Film programme and discussions with a focus on Belarus,Bi’Bak, Berlin, DE

Screams of the Silenced  
Hague, NL

Give us this day…  
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, PL

Naked Nerve  
BWA Wroclaw Main Station Gallery, PL

Every day  
Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, UA


online performance show, OP ENHEIM, Wroclaw, PL

Not funny pictures  
KX Space, Brest, BY

Touchable Distance
Y Gallery, Minsk, BY

Participant of the project ZA-Zin  
A magazine for foreign artists living in Poland

New Normativity  
Wroclaw ’70 Visual Arts Symposium, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, PL

online screening of short film forms, Gallery XX1, Warsaw, PL

Solidarity and Agency  
Virtual exhibition, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, PL

The Rite of Spring  
Live performance, BWA Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wroclaw, PL

Solo exhibition
How to wash suede gloves  
Wroclaw, PL

Group exhibition of sculpture, Wroclaw, PL


Pose, Subordination, Festivities and Hedgehogs
Post-residency exhibition, Aperto Raum, Berlin, DE


Toy memory 
8th Review of Young Art Fresh Blood, Socato Gallery, Wroclaw, PL

Best diplomas exhibition, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Wroclaw, PL


City of Stars  
The Philippe de Girard Museum of Linen, Zyrardow, PL

Solo diploma exhibition
Academy of Art and Design, Wroclaw, PL