Ala Savashevich


Exhibition “Every Day”: april – may, 2021
Mystetskyi Asenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
Curators: Aleksei Borisionok, Andrei Dureika, Marina Naprushkina, Sergey Shabohin, Antonina Stebur, Maxim Tyminko 
Text: curatorial group of the exhibition "Every Day"

Photo: Alexandr Popenko

In her artistic practice, Ala Savashevich refers to the collective of the Soviet past. She works with textile and clothing to research the relationship between materials and ideology, physical materials. experience and body politics. The artist refers to monuments and the concept of "monumentality," analyzing their purpose during Soviet times, how their functions changed in the post-socialist context, and how their forms and meanings transformed.

She subverts monumentality by working with specific materials and mediums - textile and performance- that are capable of questioning the ideological aspects of materials.

Her sculpture "Ghost" (2017) draws attention to a secondary detail of the bronze Lenin statue in the town of Stolin, namely the coat. By exhibiting the coat, but removing the political leader's body, Ala refers to the themes of memory, ideology and materiality.