Ala Savashevich

Pose. Position. Way.

Exhibition : “Pose, subordination, festivities and hedgehogs. Young belarusian artist” 
june, 2019
Curators: Maria Isserlis, Christy Woody
Aperto Raum, Berlin
Video 0’57

In our past and present, we often think how to keep a clear and stable position. How to choose a pose to meet social expectations, and not to be rejected. Trying on all sorts of objects, which lose their individuality. We turn ourselves into an object. And every step has to be done with great effort, diligence and hope. Pose. Position. Way. can be interpreted in
different ways, but as an artist, i want to draw attention both to objectification in general and more specifically to that of women. Through the contrast of colors, i want to emphasize the masquerade that currently exists, and via symbolic visual such as high heels made from a Soviet star, painful movements and disturbing sounds in the video work, communicates the
continuation of the past legacy.