Ala Savashevich

Roses without thorns

Exhibition: “Gold Standard“
july, 2023
City Market Halls, Gdynia, Poland
Curator: Marta Romankiv
Text: Marta Romankiv

In this work, the artist focuses on the production and import of flowers. The title roses without thorns are artificially bred, during their "production" they are deprived of their natural "defensive element", these flowers respond to consumer expectations - perfect appearance at any time of the year at the lowest possible price. To meet these needs, production processes often have to be deployed in remote parts of the world, and this has a negative impact on local and small businesses. This leads to an unequal distribution of trade, which mainly benefits multinational corporations. "What doesn't sting, doesn't hurt, doesn't leave any questions" - says the artist.

Savashevich inserts a living flower into a metal structure resembling spikes. By depriving it of water, the artist does not extend the time of dying, she allows it to wither quickly. Thinking about flowers bought for birthdays or other life events, the artist asks about the path that a flower takes to reach our hands, as well as about the global processes of exploiting this path.